The Disappearance of Elsie May (2013)

with Quicksilver Dance Company

Choreographed for Refresh 2013 (The Place, London) with music chosen by Akram Khan. A work examining the effects of dementia on the sufferers, and those loved ones who surround them.

Choreography: Laura Todd

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The Wrapping Project (2012)

Am improvised work examining the relationship between two people, and what occurs when tension and limitations influence the relationship.

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Concept: Lihui Dong


Shhh… It’s a Secret (2012)

with Quicksilver Dance Company

A project for Big Dance, London 2012



A Circus Re-imagined (2012)

with Quicksilver Dance Company

Choreography: Laura Harvey and dancers

photo: Liza Berlyn


Vista (2010)

Redspan Dance Company

Choreography: Feng Feng Wang


An Awfully Strange AdventureΒ (2010)

The work developed for my Honours year was commissioned by Hamilton Arts Council to be revisited.


Bolero (2010)

A solo work with Preston Symphony Orchestra


Sonorous Structures (2009-10)

Choreography: Sela Kiek

A PhD development/performance working the the emotional and physical realisation of architectural spaces.



Bachelor of Dance (Honours) – 2009 graduate

Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne

photo: Geordie Barker

“All Together Now”; Choreographer: Stephanie Lake

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