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Review: Private Dances II

image: Jorge de Araujo There is a diversity among dance styles that is rarely experienced in a single evening. Variety often exists only with inconsistency, yet I can’t fault the creation of Nat Cursio’s “Private Dances II”: a night filled with 8 dance film works and 11 live creations, incredible and intimate tasters of performers and styles. I felt like… Read more →


Good morning blog world. It’s said to be 21 degrees (Celsius) today, so I’m off to a good start – spring is coming! Apologies for the long hiatus, I haven’t forgotten you. These last six months have been one amazing adventure and until I had two feet back in the same country I couldn’t formulate enough words to reconnect. But… Read more →


Somehow I’d forgotten how much I loved Melbourne. There was always the glimmer of memory, the sparkle of well-loved times, and yet it wasn’t until I was walking back to the Victorian College of the Arts to see the showcase of Sue Healey’s new film “Virtuosi” that it hit home how good it is to be back. Being back in… Read more →

the impulse to move

An improvisation class will, most often, begin by standing still and following a single instruction: wait for the impulse to move. I’ve been waiting. Movement seems simple. It’s everyday. But wanting to move… it’s different. I don’t know how it is for others (tell me!), but I find it difficult to want to move when there’s so much moving around… Read more →

In response to Dancehouse Diary’s question: Why Dance?

In the National Dance Forum 2013, the question on everybody’s lips is “why dance?” In response, Dancehouse Diary (Issue 4) has asked four dancers/choreographers for their ideas and observations on the issue. Martin del Amo creates a striking response: “…Make no mistake, there is a lot to be said against it. It’s hard, it doesn’t get easier, it’s highly competitive,… Read more →