reFRESH: Quicksilver Perform: The Disappearence of Elsie May

We did it. Quicksilver, The Place: reFRESH… performed and transformed. That’s me… This, sadly, is the last time I’ll perform with Quicksilver. ReFRESH was serendipitous in timing: it allowed me to finish this two year adventure with something akin to the experience itself: an open, honest connection with those who love and value dance as much as I. For days… Read more →

Well… I’m Off

I have some news… I’m moving back to Australia. The decision has been fast, the actions now faster. Two weeks ago I had a choice, a week ago I made it, three days ago I booked a flight. There’s a lot to organise, a lot to decide, and a lot to sort out in the next two weeks and I’m… Read more →

Review: Resolution! taciturn/The Artful Badger/Ivan Blackstock

Image credit: Belinda Lawley Last night’s programme at Resolution! was overflowing with physical humour. Clever and engaging, these three groups: taciturn, (Zoe Cobb) The Artful Badger, and Ivan Blackstock delivered unique perspectives to the everyday event, infusing and delighting the audience with creative performance. Taciturn could upstage and deliver some comical lessons to all airline staff: based around health and… Read more →

Review: Resolution! Arc, Tara D’Arquian, Sounding Motion

Image: Franco Cohen Eighty-one works form the line up for the Resolution! platform, a chance for new and newer choreographers to engage with creating work through a supportive network of people. The mixed bill offered in last night’s programme formed an eclectic focus for artistic merit, appealing to three different tastes in choreographic creation and execution. Leading was Arc’s A… Read more →

Living Longer: Attitude

After two failed attempts to go shopping for warmer clothes to get through this SNOW IN LONDON (eep!) I’ve decided to give up, settle inside, thaw my frozen toes and reflect on this past week. (though i still managed to make it to my favourite cafe…) The thing that’s affected me most lately is a book I’ve recently finished: “The… Read more →