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Why I Stopped…and Started Again.

I have no excuse, not really.

My #100daysofdance project lasted sixteen days and then *crickets*. I want to make an excuse be honest with you. I believe many people experience what I was experiencing; but it might surprise you.

It’s not because it was too hard. It’s not because I was bored, not interested, or half-hearted in this project. I stopped because the very thing I was doing worked.

InstagramI took on this 100 Day Project because dancing was unwittingly exiting my life, sneaking out the back door without saying goodbye. It’s one of my pillars, to MOVE – and dancing is the way I move best.

I’ve fought many demons in my time, but the main bodyguard to the Success Door for me is Mr. Fear. Fear of failure, judgement, perfectionism, ageing… There are many forms to this bully and I wanted to make him a little less scary. So, in this project I created another bodyguard, Mr. Action. Mr. Action (you guessed it) advocated action: 15 seconds to be precise; and hitting the “publish” button way before I felt ready to. He even buddied up with Mr. Fear and turned him into a more positive version of himself.

I started moving, the very thing I so passionately advocate to everyone because it really really does make every difference.

What happened? I attended a three hour improvisation workshop and fell in love again. This action created a small snowball that saw me turn up to a workshop audition and landed me a part in a dance performance to take place next year. I was invited to a showing where I met contacts which may start me up with a very exciting project aligning both dance and my work as a health practitioner.

All these things I wanted. They were happening, because as I predicted, ACTION BEGETS ACTION.

And BECAUSE it was working, I stopped. I was blinded by the excitement and success I was feeling and forgot the foundational steps; the steps that created action and momentum. The foundational steps that were so surreptitiously buried in my 15 second daily practice.

So I hope you’ll forgive me. I hope you’ll understand. I hope you’ll follow me on Instagram @ravogel as I pick up where I left off. The experts say it takes 66 days to form a habit, so there’s still hope left. This daily practice was doing so much more for me than I could have ever expected. It let me say “yes”, it let my battle my demons, and it aligned me on the path I wanted to walk on.

Am I alone in this? Has this happened to you before? Has something working actually derailed your ritual? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

If you’ve found this helpful, or know a friend who might, feel free to share this post with them. It might be exactly what they need to hear today.


I believe there’s a little bit of creativity in all of us.

Innovation. Spark.

Call it what you will, but even for the logical thinkers out there, you can’t deny that we all have (anatomically-speaking) a right-sided, creatively-fueled part of our brain. And this is where magic happens.

Friday’s are going to be our right-brain day. What it means to create a life you can feel connected to…proud of. The big and the small of it. Today, we start small. With me.

100dayproject Yesterday I began dancing. #100daysofdancing in fact.

This shouldn’t be something abnormal. By all accounts I’m a dancer. I’ve trained as one, I feel like one, I identify as one. But you see, here’s the thing… being a dancer isn’t a straightforward process.

Like all art, it relies on creativity, like all physical endeavors it requires fitness, but unlike many careers the possibility of it earning a living is much more…slim. I’m not going to enter the debate in this post today, but it’s safe to say that we as independent artists have a bit of tough trot when it comes to being able to express ourselves.

This fact means that I’ve leaned in to a lot of areas that highlight my strengths and circumnavigate my dance life. I’m a massage therapist, a Pilates instructor and hopefully, in the longer run, a physiotherapist. I like movement (if that hasn’t been made face-smackingly obvious yet). I’m passionate about educating you about how your body works, and how to allow it to function as it’s most efficient, optimum level. This is the value I hope to add to your life.

I also value authenticity, so I’d be remiss to neglect the very premise I preach day in and day out. MOVE. CONNECT. CREATE. Find what lights you up and go with it.

Dancing lights me up.

When i stop moving i feel stagnant; not just physically, but psychologically and emotionally. I feel stunted, caged, confused, and overwhelmed. Getting into my body is what connects me to a deeper, more actualised version of myself.

All this to say that I’M GOING TO MOVE. One day at a time, 15 instagrammed-seconds a day. It’s not going to be perfect, but it’s going to be me.

If you want to follow me on my journey, add me on Instagram… I’ve got a handy little button in the top right hand corner… see it? Yep. That one.

One last thing, I want to turn this back to you.

Have you discovered your little creative spark? Is it something you’ve thought about before? Noticed in yourself? Leave a comment finishing this sentence: I feel lit up when I …

I can’t wait to hear your answers.