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Put Your Hands Up!

Hey Movers!

It’s been a hectic few weeks here, but the sun is once again shining and I’ve come here baring an invitation.

Tonight I’ll be one of the hosts for City of Melbourne’s First Friday Dance Club, programmed by Ausdance Victoria. It’s your chance to put on your dancing shoes and have a bit of a boogie with us at Queensbridge Square in Southbank, Melbourne.

inrehearsalin rehearsal yesterday…

Running from 6-8pm, you’ll have the chance to watch three new youth companies: Bounczn Dance Company, Parallel Youth Dance Company, and Natya Bollywood, and in between we’ll give you a few more dance moves you can try out for yourself.

Come join me! I’d love to see you there.

R x

reFRESH: Quicksilver Perform: The Disappearence of Elsie May

We did it. Quicksilver, The Place: reFRESH… performed and transformed.

Quicksilver1That’s me…

This, sadly, is the last time I’ll perform with Quicksilver. ReFRESH was serendipitous in timing: it allowed me to finish this two year adventure with something akin to the experience itself: an open, honest connection with those who love and value dance as much as I.

For days after performing I remained blown away by the playfulness and generosity that is dancing with these talented dancers. My heart was swollen: not only with the connection of so many like-minded people, but the support and enthusiasm of those who came to watch.

The work that we’d put together in such a rush of time transformed onstage. The difficulty we’d each been finding in settling the emotional/conceptual layer just…happened. By the second performance, the intensity and gravity I’d been hoping to feel in representing something so close to Laura’s heart gave way and developed into a genuinely touching experience.

It had been a long day. Our tech and dress run was marked and our curtain call choreographed on the day: a 9am start for a 10pm finish. These days are disorientating and draining, but there’s something deep inside me that buzzes: the adrenaline, the enjoyment and the ability to let things go and go with it. It’s freeing, liberating, nerve-racking.


Observing other youth companies across London brought the youth demographic together. It identified and solidified Quicksilver for me: the first time we’ve performed alongside others in the same spirit.

I’m going to miss this.

Quicksilver2with Annabel x

THANK YOU: Max, Luke, Jessica, Katy, Annabel, Nonica, Harriet, Flo, Dion, Georgia, Timo, and Fiona – for letting me dance, rehearse, joke around with, and get to know you – it was a blast. To Laura: for your support, encouragement and the windows you opened for me…I’m truly grateful. xxx



Meeting with Kerry Nicholls

It was time to introduce Kerry Nichols. Remember Kerry from my classes last year? She’s a big personality in a tiny woman, charismatic and encouraging – yet terribly nerve-racking to face – and overarching mentor to the ReFRESH programme.

An early beginning, this day was where everything began to transform. This is the point in the process that cannot be clinically analysed, and perhaps is the key to discovering what is it that keeps dancers dancing (shame there are no words to articulate it, eh?). It’s the point where you feel as though you “drop into” the movement – where the movement no longer dictates your thoughts but allows you the room to develop things in your mind – overlay ideas, feelings, perceptions encouraging a far more engaging performance. A performance lacking in this element will be one seeming very technical/clinical and generally lacking in engagement. There is no way of saying when this stupendous moment will occur through the rehearsal process, there is always the hope that it’ll just happen with enough effort and rehearsal.

Kerry’s advice was to talk. To see what is is that those in the group feel, hear and experience while performing. If we can broaden our image of what’s happening, be inspired by one another and connected in a conceptual way, perhaps there is a grounding that we can accomplish to brings ourselves together as a company. Already, in the space of a run though, things have shifted. It’s rough, and it’s raw, and we’re not there yet, but the magic has happened.

With Kerry’s positivity and Laura’s encouragement, this next Thursday should be something to look forward to!

Rehearsal #3

I was feeling tired. I think a lot of us were. I’d just come from a three and a half hour audition and my limbs were very heavy…

Still, working with such a supportive group of people, it’s easy to feel the impulse to create.

Rehashing old duets we created, and running through the phrases that we learned… adding to our material, hoping to create a bulk of it before the Christmas break.

The end of the class involved finding movements that create a domino effect in groups of 4. It’s fun, it’s tactile, it’s how I like to work. Working with some younger than me, these moments test my ability to communicate, conveying my idea without dominating – a good skill to have for those who collaborate.

There is something precious about working through the theme of dementia while Laura has hands on experience working with those who suffer directly. There’s an amount of tactile experience we can be told about, empathize with, and inhabit creatively. The resilience of those who suffer are incredible. One woman in Laura’s class had  seizure while moving in the morning. Her medication slows her heart rate, and her body couldn’t deliver enough oxygen to her limbs, so she collapsed, feeling cold and clammy. She’ll be fine, in fact, she was calling from the floor for Laura to finish the class – such humour is admirable enough in times of shock.

image via

Rehearsal #2

In a course Laura did involving dementia, there were descriptions of what those who suffer dementia feel. With our partners from last week, we were each given a word at random to create a phrase revolving around that word.

For Annabel and I, our word was “nervous”. Trying not to be too representational with movement, we endeavoured to create a short phrase that implied nervousness. For me, this seemed to bring movements inward, quivering, things reaching out and stopping midair…to come in again. I think what we came up with was something quite dynamic. Though it felt like it just skimmed the surface of what we could find, this preliminary exploration was fun, amazing to bounce off another to create movement. I feel a little rusty in creating things, it’s good to stretch those skills again!!

Doing a little bit of research, I found that there’s a take home kit for those who have loved one who have dementia. The kit is aimed at giving the relation and idea of what someone with dementia experiences. A description of this: “Your shoes are filled with popcorn kernels, several fingers are bound together with tape, and your eyes are covered with red goggles. You’re given a list of tasks to do while listening to static on a portable CD player: clear a table set for four, put toothpaste on a toothbrush, switch the TV to channel 4, match six pairs of socks, and loop a belt through a pair of pants.” How do you think you would do? This is going to take time to embody, but it’s a challenge…

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