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Review: The Red Tree

I didn’t really know what I was walking into when I drove the hour and a half down the highway to East Geelong. Nestled in a renovated church, Geelong’s new dance theatre company, Blink Dance Company, was staging their first work with an adaption of Shaun Tan’s The Red Tree. Storyline’s get the better of me. I love a narrative… Read more →

Review: Private Dances II

image: Jorge de Araujo There is a diversity among dance styles that is rarely experienced in a single evening. Variety often exists only with inconsistency, yet I can’t fault the creation of Nat Cursio’s “Private Dances II”: a night filled with 8 dance film works and 11 live creations, incredible and intimate tasters of performers and styles. I felt like… Read more →


Somehow I’d forgotten how much I loved Melbourne. There was always the glimmer of memory, the sparkle of well-loved times, and yet it wasn’t until I was walking back to the Victorian College of the Arts to see the showcase of Sue Healey’s new film “Virtuosi” that it hit home how good it is to be back. Being back in… Read more →

Dance Massive 2013

I was lucky enough in leaving England that I landed myself back in Oz for the creative Melbourne dance festival: Dance Massive. Dance Massive is a biennial festival that began in 2009 and involves collaboration between three dance theatres in Melbourne: Arts House, Dancehouse and Malthouse Theatre. In 2009, I remember a night deemed “180 seconds in (Disco) Heaven or… Read more →

Review: Resolution! taciturn/The Artful Badger/Ivan Blackstock

Image credit: Belinda Lawley Last night’s programme at Resolution! was overflowing with physical humour. Clever and engaging, these three groups: taciturn, (Zoe Cobb) The Artful Badger, and Ivan Blackstock delivered unique perspectives to the everyday event, infusing and delighting the audience with creative performance. Taciturn could upstage and deliver some comical lessons to all airline staff: based around health and… Read more →