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Continuing on the Sugar Trail…

It’s about time I gave you an update from my earlier Sugar, Sugar post. It’s been just shy of two months, the dictated time Sarah Wilson gives for a complete sugar-removal process. Well, I’ve succeeded and failed, I’d like to think in equal measure, but we’ll see what you think. For me, lessening sugar is a lifestyle choice. I don’t… Read more →

Sugar sugar…

Observation number 1: When you wake up constantly throughout the night, until you get to morning and your eyes feel like chunks of lead… something’s wrong Observation number 2: When you start to despise the food that’s in front of you… something’s wrong Observation number 3: When you are sitting on your floor, at 11:45pm eating celery and peanut butter… Read more →

Let’s Talk About… Eating.

Dance has, for many years, had strong associations with eating disorders. It’s something everyone seemed to know about and no-one was able to talk about. These dancers didn’t need help, they were doing what was required to succeed in a highly difficult, aesthetic based industry. I applaud Royal Ballet’s artistic director Monica Mason for highlighting “What we are looking for… Read more →