Slowing Down

It’s a cold, autumnal day here in Melbourne; the type that makes you want to stay inside where it’s nice and cozy.

This is perhaps not the post you’d expect to see from me, my first post in so long… but it’s because I’m slowing down that we get to talk, connect. Five months ago I adopted this little scallywag:


Wren, in her own furry way has taught me so much about living as I’ve watched her investigate her life with all the curiosity of, well, a cat. One thing I’ve noticed (and often envied) is her ability to slow down, to switch off. She never second guesses the time she needs rest, and she’s unapologetic about letting me know when she thinks I need rest too.

Resting is not synonymous with a holiday, a bad work ethic, or laziness. Quite the opposite in fact. We rest to recuperate, to recharge, to reflect. We slow down so that we have the time to examine what we’re doing, to think about whether or not it’s working, and to either keep going or change direction. Slow down before you crash. Allow yourself the chance to wind up and wind down without having to hit the ‘on/off’ switch because you’re at capacity.

– and use if for that purpose. To think. To be. To connect with yourself.

Slowing down gives us the energy, motivation, and drive to speed up when we need to. Like a loaded spring, rest coils us into a position where we can toss ourselves into the frenzy we need to get things done, knowing that another rest is around the corner. After her periods of slowing down, Wren bolts around the house like a crazed little thing; she is the most playful and energetic kitten I’ve come across. For her, slowing down isn’t stopping – it’s the calm before the storm.

If you were looking for permission to slow down, consider this a nudge in the right direction. Slow down, rest. Coil that spring so that when you are (or have to be) motivated or inspired you can be.

(And if you, like me, want to learn more from this little kitten, you can follow some of her adventures here on Instagram.)

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