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Do. The. Thing.

I want to try that. It’s a thought I have frequently, and I’m going to assume that you might too. What stops you? For me? Most of the time? It’s fear. Day in, day out I have ideas, thoughts and feelings about things – small things, big things, new things. It’s exciting and the propulsive energy is addictive. But then… Read more →


Somehow I’d forgotten how much I loved Melbourne. There was always the glimmer of memory, the sparkle of well-loved times, and yet it wasn’t until I was walking back to the Victorian College of the Arts to see the showcase of Sue Healey’s new film “Virtuosi” that it hit home how good it is to be back. Being back in… Read more →

Living Longer: Attitude

After two failed attempts to go shopping for warmer clothes to get through this SNOW IN LONDON (eep!) I’ve decided to give up, settle inside, thaw my frozen toes and reflect on this past week. (though i still managed to make it to my favourite cafe…) The thing that’s affected me most lately is a book I’ve recently finished: “The… Read more →

Khan… on Collaboration

Read this: “What motivates me to collaborate? Human stories being shared with each other, human interaction, human ability to push each other to imagine beyond what we think we can imagine. What motivates me? The sense that in order to communicate with each other, to embrace and challenge each other, we have to constantly be in the present. . .… Read more →

Living The Now

Al Weiwei is an interesting artist. For those of you in London, you may have seen his work: Image: Iwan Bann  Drawer, performance artist, author, architect, blogger, Weiwei is unafraid to experiment with different art forms to convey his messages. Quite matter of fact when interviewed, I’ve just finished his book “Al Weiwei Speaks”, a conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist,… Read more →