Remedial massage is a massage with injury-fighting and injury-preventing benefits.

I work with muscles, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue to eradicate tension and pain; encouraging your body into more functional, pain-free movement patterns.

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Initial (60min)  $90

60min             $90

45min             $80

30min             $65


What to expect:

> A brief run through of your medical history (for first timers), a chat about how your body is feeling (any particular areas of pain) and your expectations from the treatment

> Movement testing; this ascertains for me your body’s “normal” range of movement compared to your compromised movement. This way, your treatment can be orientated toward a targeted solution

> Treatment. This may include deep tissue massage, soft tissues massage, trigger point therapy, dry needling, and potentially some take home stretches/advice


I don’t know how long I need!

For all initial consultations, I see you for an hour. In this time we will take your medical history, I may do some physical assessments and you will receive some treatment. From this point on I am happy to discuss what I would recommend for your treatment plan, and what fits in with your schedule.

As a rule of thumb for follow up treatments (though not in all cases), one area can be treated in 30 minutes, two specific areas of pain in 45min and two or more generalised areas of pain in 60 minutes.

From my experience, most benefit is received with 45-60min treatments once ever 4-6 weeks, depending on your medical history and current ailments.

My goal is to free you from your pain-cycle. The treatment plan I provide will not solely rely on me for manual treatment, but I will encourage you to perform exercises of your own so you are more able to take charge of what’s going on in your body and what you need to do for the long term.


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