Walking to Move It

Good morning Movers!

The weekend’s coming up…and for those of you in need of a little fitspiration this post is for you.

Cathedral Ranges

my view from Jawbone Peak

I’ve recently re-discovered the perks of hiking. I grew up in a relatively active family environment and we’d often go bush walking, rock climbing, or pack a picnic to have on the hills. It was incredible, a face full of nature and the ever cheering Vitamin D.

Over recent years, I’d lost this idea, and my weekend planning was filled with city visits where fitting in meaningful exercise seemed quite…well…tricky.

Enter, hiking.

The last few weekends I’ve been invited back into the folds of (some pretty steep) mountains and I’m feeling better for it. There are so many options in Victoria, and many not so far out of the city for those wanting a day trip. With a little Google searching, there are plenty of reviews about round trips that can give you a sense of the difficulty, the length, and suggestions on which path to take on each hike. Still, this doesn’t distract from the awe and heart-pumping pleasure that comes with incidental exercise.I can’t recommend this enough: the feeling of achievement, fresh air, sunshine and all for the price of petrol (and a few snacks). Grab your buddies, your water bottle, and some good walking shoe and give it a go. You’ll feel remarkable, truly.

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