What is Remedial Massage?

massage roomRemedial Massage is a massage wearing ninja gear.

It’s not just the soft, flowing, relaxing experience of a normal massage (though it can be part of it!), it’s much more about treating your muscular dysfunction and moving you toward a pain free existence.

Doesn’t that sound nice?

Let’s break it down.

For a muscle to contract, calcium is flooded into the muscle and then it recedes. In a perfect circumstance, the amount that flows in, flows out again. In an instance where there has been some minor trauma to the muscle, the body overcompensates flushing more calcium into the muscle and not all of it back out again. This means that a little ‘calcium deposit’ occurs – what you feel as a little lump or “knot” in the muscle. This may or may not cause pain when you press it.

Now, if we keep the “knot” description; imagine a length of rope being held up knot-free. Add a knot to it and it shortens. Add another and it shortens again. This is, in a (small) nutshell what’s happening to your muscle. With the knots, it is unable to contract OR release to it’s full capacity. Not only does it inhibit that LENGTH of the muscle, but over time this WEAKENS the muscle too.

A tight AND weak muscle = pain.

Many muscles create an action, so you can bet that even if just one muscle has knots, it creates a pattern of compensation in the body. Other muscles will try and help out, which in turn can lead to MORE pain.

This is where I come in.

Remedial massage targets these knots (also known as Trigger Points).

Remedial massage boosts blood flow into the muscles and encourages the body to wash away the debris creating the knot in the first place. By increasing blood flow, it increases oxygen delivery to the muscles, the fascia, the tendons and ligaments. This is sometimes why your muscles can look red after you’ve been massaged – this is an increase in blood flow and it’s a good thing!

Remember though, this is a process. Depending on how long this compensatory pattern has built up in your body, it can take a little while for us therapists to work backwards. Just because you are feeling pain in a particular area, does not mean that is the source of your pain. If this pain has been building up for YEARS, you may need more than one session to get to the bottom of your dysfunction.

Like your brain, your muscles have habits. They like to return to the position that is most habitual for them. Through remedial massage, you are educating the muscles to behave differently, giving them the length, strength and reason enough to change. This is how massage can IMPROVE your muscular situation and lessen the pain you’ve been experiencing.

Is that it?

Absolutely not.


– calms down your nervous system, which is why it is generally synonymous with relaxation. Even though a remedial massage can hurt, you should still feel a sense of release and relaxation accompanying your treatment

– provides lymphatic drainage

– improves sleep

– reduces stress

– can assist in emotional wellbeing

Why aren’t you booked in for a remedial massage again?


Does this help you?

Do you have any more questions about what remedial massage is? Let me know in the comments!

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