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It’s so lovely to see you here. I’m so glad you’ve found your way over to my little corner of the world.

Who am I? I’m someone who wants to encourage and educate you so that you feel empowered to live a healthy, pain-free life.

Quicksilver1My name is Rachel Vogel; I’m what you’d call a multi-passionate person. I’m a Remedial Massage Therapist, Pilates Instructor, final year Physiotherpy student and have an honours degree in Dance. Essentially, I’m addicted to moving and understanding how the body works and I want to show you how you can be too.

There are two things I understand well: movement and injury. I’ve danced almost all my life: it’s what truly lights me up, and I’m very grateful to have discovered this early on. But, with intensive dancing came intensive injury. I’ve had a bone removed from my foot, Achilles tendonitis, 4 stress fractures, a broken toe and numerous strains and sprains. Some of these were fixed quickly, others were a two year misdiagnosis process. I’ve learned what it means, physically and mentally, to recover from a place of pain. And I still dance.

I was inspired from these experiences to learn massage; to integrate the things I discovered from dancing and help others achieve a pain-free life. Eight years later I added to that by becoming a Pilates instructor, now with the ability to empower people to look after themselves.

It’s consistently been one of my drives to discover the best possible solution to offer for you to become the happiest, healthiest version of yourself you can find. My solution? I’ve nutted it down to three things: you need to move, connect, and create.



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We’re designed to move. Chronic injuries are increasing at an exponential rate, and so often it is because we’re choosing a sedentary life over an active one. And you know what? It’s reversible. I encourage you to move your body daily. I’m not asking you to go crazy, but when the choice arises (and it WILL arise), choose movement. It pumps blood around our body, increases our oxygen uptake, it allows all those little proprioceptive nerves to relay to the brain where you are in space. It provides your brain with real-time information about YOU.

Step one: know thyself.


We’re also all, at some level, social beings. Connection is an important part of being human: connection to others and (perhaps more importantly) connection to ourselves. This is the active action-taking, bridging the gap, jumping the river; this turns all that information you’ve given the brain through movement into ideas and feelings. This is the interpretation, the sorting out, the acknowledging and discovery phase. This lets us know not only what we are, but WHO we are.

Connecting to our desires, defining our expectations, skyrockets us to achieving our version of success (…and that’s the most important version!). Understanding, acting upon, testing, improvising… these are all modes that foster true connection.

Step two: act on this understanding.


I’m a creative. I can’t help it. As I’ve mentioned before it’s what lights me up. Action begets action; and I want to remain alive and inspired. This is what it is for me. It may be different for you. But the act of CREATING SOMETHING, whether it be a life that you love, a product, a service, an environment… it’s all creation. It’s all drive. Passion.

This is the most volatile of the three steps, but respecting it, discovering it and fostering it will blow you away. Promise.

Step three: create. (There’s no better word for it…)


How can I empower you?

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I can’t wait to get to know you.

Rachel x


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