Author: Rachel

Do. The. Thing.

I want to try that. It’s a thought I have frequently, and I’m going to assume that you might too. What stops you? For me? Most of the time? It’s fear. Day in, day out I have ideas, thoughts and feelings about things – small things, big things, new things. It’s exciting and the propulsive energy is addictive. But then… Read more →

Why I Stopped…and Started Again.

I have no excuse, not really. My #100daysofdance project lasted sixteen days and then *crickets*. I want to make an excuse be honest with you. I believe many people experience what I was experiencing; but it might surprise you. It’s not because it was too hard. It’s not because I was bored, not interested, or half-hearted in this project. I… Read more →


I believe there’s a little bit of creativity in all of us. Innovation. Spark. Call it what you will, but even for the logical thinkers out there, you can’t deny that we all have (anatomically-speaking) a right-sided, creatively-fueled part of our brain. And this is where magic happens. Friday’s are going to be our right-brain day. What it means to… Read more →