Review: The Red Tree

I didn’t really know what I was walking into when I drove the hour and a half down the highway to East Geelong. Nestled in a renovated church, Geelong’s new dance theatre company, Blink Dance Company, was staging their first work with an adaption of Shaun Tan’s The Red Tree. Storyline’s get the better of me. I love a narrative… Read more →

Put Your Hands Up!

Hey Movers! It’s been a hectic few weeks here, but the sun is once again shining and I’ve come here baring an invitation. Tonight I’ll be one of the hosts for City of Melbourne’s First Friday Dance Club, programmed by Ausdance Victoria. It’s your chance to put on your dancing shoes and have a bit of a boogie with us… Read more →

Review: Private Dances II

image: Jorge de Araujo There is a diversity among dance styles that is rarely experienced in a single evening. Variety often exists only with inconsistency, yet I can’t fault the creation of Nat Cursio’s “Private Dances II”: a night filled with 8 dance film works and 11 live creations, incredible and intimate tasters of performers and styles. I felt like… Read more →


Good morning blog world. It’s said to be 21 degrees (Celsius) today, so I’m off to a good start – spring is coming! Apologies for the long hiatus, I haven’t forgotten you. These last six months have been one amazing adventure and until I had two feet back in the same country I couldn’t formulate enough words to reconnect. But… Read more →